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The path of the magic

On a circuit of 2,5 km, as it were in the outback from Bernau, the tourists may be still completely in harmony with nature.


There one can live to see the origin of FAUNA and FLORA

Bad Säckingen

Today there are two bridges: from the German side ( Bad Säckingen ) to the Swiss side ( Stein ); the wood bridge with 203,7 m is the longest covered wood - bridge in Europe. The St. Fridolin bridge reserved for the motor vehicle traffic was inaugurated in 1979. On this bridge there is a Fridolin statue by the Swiss sculptor Rolf Brem.


Basel with the old town


Small Venise in Colmar

Europapark Rust

motive: Greece

Der Feldberg

is the highest mountain in the Black Forest (1493 m)


with the Schwabentor

and the historic stores on the place of the cathedral.

The Höllental

also called Ravennaschlucht, is a narrow valley between Freiburg

and Hinterzarten.


or Mühlhausen, with its famous railway and automobile museum.


the oldest stream working locomotive in the Black Forest is always in service.

The Rhine Waterfalls of Schaffhausen

in Switzerland are the greatest waterfalls in Europe


is the biggest lake reservoir of the Black Forest

The  cathedral of  St. Blasien

is subordinate to the jesuits and is only 8 Km away from Bernau


is suited for both swimming and trekking.

In Todtnau

only 20 Km away from Bernau is situated the well-known glass-blower studio

and nice cascade

In Triberg

your are greeted heartily by the "Tribären" family, direct on the front of the house of 1000 clocks.